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My name is James Gadon and I am the Owner and Creative Director of Route 84 Music Inc., an independent music publishing business. I am a Songwriter, Producer and Musician who started Route 84 through my passion for songwriting and helping others land sync licenses in film, television and advertising. I represent and pitch a small, but focused catalog of artists. Titles in the Route 84 Music Inc. catalog have appeared on NBC, HBO, Netflix, Amazon, The Movie Network and in a variety of independent films.


I previously worked for the American Federation of Musicians where I helped to license new use music in Canada and as a Juror with FACTOR (Foundation for Assisting Canadian Talent on Recording). 


If you're interested in hearing some music or talking shop, please feel free to reach out at any time!


James Gadon ★ Creative Director ★

Route 84 Music Inc. 

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